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  • restaurante_abadia_do_porto
Located in the historic part of the ” Invicta” city, the Abadia of Porto restaurant was founded in 1939. It is said that the name originates in the abbeys, where the pilgrims, who demanded of Santiago de Compostela, rested a few hours, sleeping and eating before to embark on another stage of the long walk with the religious purpose.

Initially, the Abadia of Porto Restaurant, was a space that combined characteristics of restaurant and tavern. For example, the wine kites were exposed and “snacks” were served during an afternoon. Over the years, the service has been evolving and the concept has been actualize, especially in recent years.
Today, Abadia is a traditional restaurant with a privileged regional cuisine and products, has a broader and more comprehensive offer of products and services (wines, desserts …), a professional table service and a space that tries to ally the traditional with the comfort of the customers. More than ever, the Abadia of Porto Restaurant is a must!

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18H30 — 22H30
Tuesday to Saturday
12H00 — 15H00
18H30 — 22H30
We are closed on Sundays.


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